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About Tailwind
Tailwind's 2000 Mountain Bike Team Trophy
Annually awarded Traveling Trophy

Here's how it works:
  1. Put together a Mountain Bike Racing Team and participate in Tailwind's Mountain Bike Time Trials and Cross Country events.
  2. Submit a roster with names of team members that will be eligible throughout the year to score Team Points. Changes in the roster may be allowed upon written request to, and approval from Tailwind.
  3. Team Points will be earned by 5 racers from your team for each event and will be added up towards the Overall Team Trophy Award. Within 5 days after each race you must identify to Tailwind the 5 Team Members you want to be counted for points in that event.
  4. Racers must enter and race in their correct age group and category. Racing age for the entire year is rider's age on December 31, 2000.
  5. The 5 Team Racers counted for any given event may be in any category except that a maximum of 2 racers in any single age group may be counted towards your Team Points.
  6. A minimum of 4 racers must start in an age group to be able to score Team Points in that category/age group.
  7. Points for Tailwind's Overall Team Trophy Award will be the combined total of the Team's 4 highest Time Trial Event point scores PLUS the total of the Team's 4 highest Cross Country Event Point Scores.
  8. Eligible events for 2000 are all 7 Time Trial events and all 5 Cross Country events listed in the Tailwind 2000 Events Calendar. Your Team may participate in as many events as desired.
  9. Points are earned as follows for finishing in the top 20 places in any categor: 1st-20 points, 2nd - 19 points, 3rd - 18 points, and so on to 20th place which earns 1 point. Point values in each category are the same.
  10. Taiwind reserves the right to modify or amend these rules and conditions as is deemed necessary throughout the year. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

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